Posted by K. Marshall on June 16 2014

In an attempt to improve service to bus riders, WCPSS Transportation needs your help.  Please make any requests for bus transportation using the online forms located on the WCPSS Transportation page.  You may also call (919) 805-3030 for the automated phone attendant.  

Note:  DO NOTHING if your student rode a bus this past school year and your address has not changed.



1. You would like for your student to ride the bus this school year and they did not ride a bus previously because they DID NOT HAVE ASSIGNED bus transportation.  You must make a formal request using the online form.  Requests made by July 21st  will have priority and if approved, student will have bus transportation beginning the first day of school.  


2. You have recently changed addresses and you want bus transportation.  You need to first make sure the school has the updated address (proof of address is required-- utility bill, lease agreement, purchase contract, etc.) and then submit the request for transportation using the online form.  
Note:  Transportation is not guaranteed if your student is granted a transfer or is outside of the base assignment area.  Such concerns should be directed to WCPSS Student Assignment.  


4.  Your student was approved as a voluntary transfer for this past school year and received transportation.  You must request bus transportation for the upcoming school year, beginning June 27th.  

5. You were assigned bus transportation this past school year but your child will NEVER ride the bus, let the Transportation Department know that your student does not need bus service.  They will be removed from the bus roster.  

4. You need an alternate stop (before school, after school care, etc.).  

Posted by K. Marshall on June 9 2014

Good afternoon, parents, this is Diann Kearney, Principal of Martin Gifted and Talented Magnet Middle School, with this week's calendar update.

Thank you for your efforts in supporting our students during testing.  We appreciate the time of our many proctors who have volunteered to assist with proctoring. On Monday, we have EOG makeup exams for any student who was absent this week and Career and Technical Education (CTE) post-assessments for students who take a CTE course. On Tuesday, we will administer the CC Math I EOC and the CC II Final Exam. Wednesday is reserved for CC I, CC II, and CTE makeup tests. Thursday is our last day of school - yearbooks will be distributed and our 8th graders will be honored at their annual assembly and spring fling.

If you haven't already done so, please encourage your student to return all media center books as soon as possible. Homeroom teachers have distributed overdue slips to remind students which books they have checked out and need to be returned.

If you would like for your student to ride the bus next year and they currently do not ride, you must make a formal request by July 21.   You may submit your request by going to the main WCPSS website and selecting the Transportation tab.   The directions are self-explanatory.  Again, this is not required if your student currently rides a bus or was assigned to a bus this school year.  More information can be obtained on the WCPSS website as well as the Martin website.

After all of our testing is complete and we receive the scores from our testing office, we will complete student report cards and mail them home. We anticipate being ready to mail report cards on Tuesday, June 16. Student EOG, EOC, and final exam grades will be mailed home by the county in the coming weeks. Please let us know if you have questions about these matters.

Thank you for your attention and support with all of these details. Have a great weekend! 

Posted by K. Marshall on May 18 2014

 Good evening parents. This is Diann Kearney, principal of Martin Gifted and Talented Magnet Middle School, with this week's calendar update.

A reminder that Broughton High School is offering physicals for all sports on May 14 at 6pm in Holliday Gym. The WCPSS form can be accessed online in a number of ways, but the easiest route is to go to - there is a link on our main page. We'll have forms available on May 14, but completing the personal information beforehand will make the evening run much more smoothly. Football will also hold a makeup parent meeting for anyone who missed the previous meeting.

If you haven't already done so, please consider serving as a proctor for our testing sessions. Proctor training and volunteer registration is required and our training sessions are scheduled as follows:

Thursday, May 15    8:00 - 8:30 or from 12:30 to 1:00

Contact Ms. Christie Saunders in Student Services by email at or by phone at 881-4980 to reserve your training spot. Thank you to the many parents who have already volunteered and participated in training!



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