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Is your student interested in math tutoring?

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How would you change the world?

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It's time for Martin's First Annual 5K!

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Are you thinking about trying Credit by Demonstrated Mastery for next year? 

Posted by K. Marshall on September 8 2014

MMS Activity Buses begin running today!  


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Activity buses leave campus at 5:00 Monday - Thursday.  The stops for each bus are as follows:  


Bus 1

  • 6200 Glenwood Ave (Pleasant Valley Shopping Ctr)
  • Leesville Road Elementary
  • N. Raleigh Blvd (Food Lion)
  • Enloe High School


Bus 2

  • Buck Jones Road & Jones Franklin Road (Shopping Center)
  • Cary High School
  • Davis Drive Elementary
  • Apex High





  • Our activity bus routes are posted here
  • Special Education Parent Information Center-find the link here.
  • Would you like to take a "Virtual Tour" of our school, and view our visitation page?  Click here!
  • Elective Registration information and Elective Catalog can be found here!
  • Click here to use our site for school field trip and miscellaneous payments.